Bee Kind™- Complete Beeswax Car Polishing Kit for Interior & Exterior

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Complete Beeswax Car Polishing Kit for Interior & Exterior
All the natural, zero chemical, NZ Beeswax products you need to keep the interior & exterior of your vehicle looking amazing and smelling of sweet NZ Beeswax 
& Manuka Honey.

1x BEE KIND- CARNAUBA CAR WAX (with free waxing pad)- Has been specifically formulated with the true connoisseur car owner in
mind. Individually hand blended, using high grade refined Brazilian Carnauba wax, NZ Beeswax, and Microcrystalline Wax.Easy on, easy off formulation which
polishes, protects and shines all in one application. Adds gloss and depth and creates a superior finish and restores the original finish.  A non-toxic and
non-smearing formula which can also be used on trims, stainless steel, fiberglass, chrome and carbon graphite. Apply the wax to the car, let the wax sit on the
car for about 5-15 minutes and then remove the wax with a soft towel or buffing glove. You can also electric buff a car. Electric buffing works almost the same
way as using wax and a towel except that instead of buffing the wax off with a soft towel, you use an electric buff and a soft buffing pad. Whichever waxing
method you choose, you should always wash the car before waxing it so you don't trap dirt between the layer of wax and the car's paint. -250gms

1x BEE KIND CAR INTERIOR CARE (with free microfibre terry pad)- For leather upholstery, dashboard, vinyl & trims   Made 
with a blend of NZ beeswax, carnauba wax & natural plant oils. Formulated to gently nourish and feed your leather, preventing drying out and premature
U.V fading.Safe to use on all modern leather finishes. Free from any harsh chemicals and solvents. Apply to the interior of your vehicle using the supplied
MICROFIBRE TERRY PAD with sponge and hand pocket. -150gms



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