SustainaBLAH Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

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One of the essentials of your grooming kit is the shaving bowl. With the Stainless Steel Shaving bowl from SustainaBLAH, you can dive into a luxurious experience. Thanks to the premium-quality material, this reusable bowl is going to be a true companion for the longest time you can imagine. 4cm in height, the perfect size of the bowl allows you to dip your SustainaBLAH shaving brush comfortably, and lather your skin with the rich foam.

This product has been designed keeping your convenience in mind. Bring home this bowl today and enhance your shaving regime!

In a world where the use of plastic has led to grave danger, we aim to offer sustainable alternatives. Our creations help you in living an eco-conscious life while maximising on durable and earth-friendly materials.

When you invest in this luxurious shaving bowl, you are not only refraining from using any plastic materials, but at the same time, you're also paying attention to your self-care. With us you can look after your personal grooming, while minimising the waste production of the planet.

4cm high

Top diameter 8.7cm

Bottom diameter 4.7cm