About Us
It all started back in 2013 when we started developing natural formulas in the kitchen at Northland.
We were seeking more plant based and natural products.
What started in a kitchen in rural Whangarei, has now turned into an internationally renowned business with strong family ties at its roots.

Today, Bee Kind And Co. Sells internationally, yet we still remain a small, entrepreneurial, and mission-led NZ organisation that aims to make products that are better for you and for the planet.

Creating the product on a larger scale has not impacted quality.
Every single product is guaranteed to be made lovingly by hand, packaged, and sent to you by us - We do all the hard yards so you can receive the pure, 100% natural product that we have become famous for. 

Today, Bee Kind And Co has a strong base of New Zealand stockists.
We now export to Australia, the United Kingdom, America and Ireland.


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