Bee Kind Natural Shampoo Bar

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What's not to love about a natural shampoo bar?

These beauties are economic (equivalent of 2 bottles of standard shampoo), plastic and packaging free. Because they are in a solid form there is no need for chemical additives and preservatives- no SLS, no nasties! Gentle on your scalp, great for dandruff or sensitive skin. 

You will feel the difference these bars make, they will gently cleanse without stripping natural oils from the hair, creating healthier locks and a much longer lasting effect. When you first start using shampoo bars your hair may rebel a little from years of chemical use- it can go greasy a lot quicker, or alternatively can go dry and frizzy dependent on your follicle type. We promise that if you stick at it you will see the amazing results we're talking about within a couple of weeks as it settles down.

Purple Toning Bar- Perfect for blondes or greys- strips the brassiness of dyes or yellowing out leaving hair naturally soft.

Lemongrass & Tangerine- The best choice for greasy hair, lemongrass is a natural deep oil cleanser.

Hemp & Star Anise- Great for sensitive scalps, psorasis of the scalp or dandruff

Honey & Calendula- The best choice for dry scalps and hair