Carnauba Shine Wax Stick for Woodturning

Bee Kind and co.
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Bee Kind Carnauba Wax Stick For Woodturning

Pure carnauba wax for a durable hard-wearing high gloss finish, with a small addition of raw beeswax & high grade walnut oil.
Walnut oil polymerises on wood, which dries fast leaving a lovely finish, accompanying the carnauba and beeswax. 

Bee Kind Carnauba Woodturning Stick can be applied either to bare wood or on top of a sealer. It is made from Carnauba wax that is traditionally used by woodturners. Easy to use it has the best qualities of pure Carnauba, ensuring an even distribution of wax on difficult shapes, while reducing the risk of scratching. Goes a very long way.

First remove all dust with a Cloth. While the lathe is turning at a medium to high speed apply the stick directly to a well sanded or sealed piece of wood using moderate pressure and moving sideways at a constant rate.
Always finish off your work with a fine grit sandpaper, the more you spend at this stage, the better your project turns out.
Finishing with a grit of 600-800 and more will create a fantastic finish and always finish by sanding with the grain. You will have to turn off your lathe for this. Whilst your project is spinning hold your wax stick and move it across your job, you will not need to apply too much pressure. Use a soft cloth to polish.
Repeat the procedure as required.
To achieve a higher sheen apply two light coats, buffing between coats. For the best results, use with our Bee Kind Finisher's Formula



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    Lovely Results

    Posted by Anthony on 19th Nov 2022

    I've always used Bee Kind's Finisher's Formula, ever tried this before as it's new on their website. This product was great to use and I was able to achieve a glossy even finish on the lathe. I've used Liberon in the past, but I find this one much higher quality for the gloss finish.