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Exfoliating Linen Soap Scrubby Bag

Naturally White

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120.00 Grams
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Exfoliating Soap Scrubby Bag

Makes a handy addition to our Naturally White Shampoo Bar  you can also purchase for a cheaper price alongside any of our shampoo bars.

Pop your soap bar inside the velcro bag. Handy for hanging a shampoo bar to dry in the stable, wash bay, tack room or horse float/truck.

The linen soap bag can quickly absorb and disperse foam for great exfoliation. 
Useful around the fetlocks for grass stains, crud, mud fever and mud build up. 
Rubbing produces rich foam on the coat, releasing dead skin, scabs and promoting blood circulation.
There is an elastic band on the back of the soap protection bag, so even if it gets wet, it won't slip.