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Naturally White Equine Shampoo Water Gun

Naturally White

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100.00 Grams
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The Naturally White Equine Shampoo Water Gun is a real time saver when washing your horse!

 The soap dispenser can be dialed up or down, depending on the amount of shampoo needed or turned off completely to allow you to wet your horse first or for rinsing off. 

 Easy to use and no need to hold the trigger down while washing, simply squeeze to click and stay on, squeeze to click and turn off.

 Fits a standard hose connector. 

* Water Gun Nozzle Jet

 * Portable Auto Foam

 * High Pressure

 * There are 9 different spray patterns and an adjustable 100ml soap dispenser.

Can also be used as for dispersal of our Naturally Hot Oil by adding approximately 10 squirts into the dispenser. Recommended as a post wash moisture rinse.